What is WXP 6?

WXP version 6 is a complete rewrite of WXP in C++ converting the WXP library into a set of objects (almost 300). In additional, WXP 6 can be used by accessing the API from C++, Perl and Python.

What is different in WXP 6

There are a lot of differences in WXP but many of the core items work very close to their WXP 4 and 5 equivalents. Here are some exceptions:

Program name changes

WXP 6 renames all the programs to use the C++ object names invoked in the programs. The new names also avoid conflicts with WXP 5. The only overlapping programs are suncalc and rawmath.

WXP 5 program WXP 6 program
climat NA
contour gridcont
domtran domain
focalc, fouswx mosplot
fo_parse mostext
forecast, parse wmoparse
gifcat NA
grbcalc gridplot
grbsnd, uacalplt soundplot
grdmath gridmath
griblook gribfile
grid rawgrid
hdrparse NA
heat. wchill, stdatms, moist NA
hpglcat NA
hurricane hurdec
ingest wmoingest
light lightplot
loopset NA
map2bin NA
mapplt maplot
parse wmoparse
prfplot profplot
pscat NA
rad radplot
radcvt mdrdec, rcmdec
rawmath rawmath
sacvt, smcvt sfcdec
scour NA
sfccalc, sfcwx sfcplot
shefcvt NA
statlog meteoplot
suncalc suncalc
tafcvt NA
uacvt upadec
ua_parse upatext
unit NA
upairwx, upcalc upaplot
vector gridvect
wxp NA
wxpcity NA
wxpdef wxpres
wxpfile nameconv
wxploop figure, plot
xsat satplot

Resource changes

There are some changes to the resources used in WXP 6:

WXP 5 resource WXP 6 resource
batch NA
bin_path NA
bull_file prod_file
color_cgrid color_fgrid
color_clabel color_flabel
color_cloud deprecated
color_cmap color_fmap
color_echo NA
color_front deprecated, use color_data
color_hodo deprecated, use color_grid
color_hodtxt deprecated, use color_data
color_label color_clabel
color_line color_latlon
color_pop deprecated
color_rep NA
color_sound color_parcel
color_table deprecated, use color_data
color_text color_label
color_therm deprecated, use color_grid
color_thrmtxt deprecated, use color_data
color_watch deprecated, use color_data
color_wind NA
color_wx NA
command NA
con_interval con_interval (use -ci on command line)
data_src NA
file_param Not used in WXP 6
ingest_port filename
ingestor NA
input input (use -in on command line)
plot_param deprecated, use parameter
read_conf NA
region deprecated, use plot_domain
save_param NA
watch_path deprecated, use data_path
window_num NA

Last updated October 2013