Resource Reference

Resource: city_file

Resource city_file
Overview Specifies the name of the city database file
Command Line -cf=filename
Environment Variable wxpcity
Possible Values
Default Value program specific

This resource is used to specify the name for the city location database file. The filename can be specified as a relative path for which the value of the resrc:file_path resource is prepended to the filename or as a full path to avoid the resrc:file_path setting.

These files all have the same format and contain location information for various types of reporting stations. Some possible files are:

City Database Files
Database Type of Stations Location
sao.cty Surface SAO/METAR Global
upa.cty Upper air Global
syn.cty Surface Synoptic Global
rad.cty Radar United States
mos.cty Model Output North America

Last updated October 2013