Resource Reference

Resource: con_interval

Resource con_interval
Overview Specifies the contour interval to use in contouring grids. This can also be used to color code plotted data and vectors.
Command Line -ci=value
Environment Variable wxpconint
Possible Values A positive number
Default Value 0

This resource is used to specify the contour interval. When running the contouring programs, this is the interval between contour lines. For filled contours, this is the interval for each color region. For vector and data plots, it's used to color the text, wind vectors and streamlines. The same algorithm for determining the value of the color fill contours is used for coloring data values. Whereas, the maximum and minimum values of a grid are known, these values are not known when plotting data. Thus, the interval is specified and the base value is assumed to be 0, unless specified with the resrc:con_base resource.

Automated Interval (interval=0)

If the value is 0, the program will compute a reasonable value which is based on the number of values in the color fills (see resrc:color_fill resource).

interval ~= (max-min)/num_colors

This value is rounded up to the nearest whole number. This is also based on the range of data so if the range is less than 1, the program will make the resulting contour interval a fractional value.

Last updated October 2013