Resource Reference

Resource: data_path

Resource data_path
Overview Specifies the location of the input raw data files.
Command Line -dp=path
Environment Variable wxpdpath
Possible Values
Default Value the current directory

The data_path resource specifies the directory where ingested data files from either the WXP ingestor or the LDM should be put. This can also be a data root if data is put in many subdirectories under the root.


where the data path would be /data and the subdirectories are resolved through the name convention file.

This is the input directory of the WXP decoders such as sfcdec and upadec and the input directory to some WXP plotting programs such as mosplot. Generally, this path is prepended to files specified via the filename resource or used within the in_file and out_file resources. The file name convention wildcard is %D.

Last updated January 2014