Resource Reference

Resource: default

Resource default
Overview Sets the name of the resource file.
Command Line -df=filename
Environment Variable wxpdefault
Possible Values
Default Value wxp.cfg

This resource is used to specify the resource file which stores default resource values. If this resource is not specified, the default is the file wxp.cfg or .wxpdef or Wxp.res in the current working directory. The easiest way to specify this resource is to just list the name of the resource file and its full path:


If the filename is left off, the program will first search for a wxp.cfg file in that directory. If that is not found, then it searches for a Wxp.res file.

NOTE: The default resource is normally specified through the wxpdefault environment variable rather than specifying it on the command line.

Multiple Resource Files

You also specify multiple resource files, each separated by colons ":".


The program will process each file in the order listed so that any resources specified in the second file will take precedence over the first.

Conditional Resources

WXP allows for conditional processing of resource files. This allows you to set up a resource file

*data_path: /data/ldm/text
*data_path: /data/text

In this example, you have two redundant ingestors and you want to toggle between data being saved by the LDM and data saved by the WXP ingestor. You can do this by setting the default resource to:


This would then toggle on the first data_path specification, not the second (used if LDM not specified).

Last updated January 2014