Resource Reference

Resource: grid_domain

Resource grid_domain
Overview Specifies the output grid domain
Command Line -gd=domain
Environment Variable wxpgrddomain
Possible Values
Default Value Same as the plot domain

Objective Analysis Grids

The grid_domain resource is used to specify the actual grid data is fit to during objective analysis. This allows the user to fit data to a different grid/domain than is displayed.  This is handy when the plot_domain contains invalid points such as a satellite image where a grid point might be out in space.   The grid can therefore be a valid grid such as a polar stereographic grid (set with this resource) and then remapped when displayed (plot_domain).  If this is not specified, the domain is the same as the plot domain. For more information on the format, see the plot_domain resource.

Satellite Image Navigation

This resource is used by the xsat program to attach navigation to an image that does not contain any navigation.  Most satellite images are navigated which means that they contain as part of a header or trailer information which allows the program to convert pixel locations to latitude and longitude.  Once this is available, a map can be overlaid or the satellite image remapped to a completely different projection.  In some cases, images are more like pictures, not containing any navigation.  Thus no map can be overlaid.  Adding navigation information can be done by specifying a grid_domain.  It is up to the user to provide this domain and is done mostly be trial and error.  Once determined and if the image does not change, this domain can be added to the wxp.reg file for future use.

Last updated July 28, 1998