Resource Reference

Resource: help

Resource help
Overview Lists basic help information.
Command Line -h
Environment Variable wxphelp
Possible Values Yes|No
Default Value No

The help resource is specified when the user needs basic information about which options and resources are available to be modified along with a brief explanation. Here is a sample help listing from the sfcplot program.

sfcplot: This program plots surface data
sfcplot syntax (version:6.65-LINUX-X11)
   sfcplot [options...]
Keyed options...
 -df file...  Resource/defaults file name
 -na name     Program name
 -h           Print help
 -me level    Message level
 -fp path     File path
 -dp path     Data path
 -cp path     Converted data path
 -gp path     Grid path
 -col color   Label color
 -coco color  Contour line color
 -cocl color  Contour label color
 -cofl color  Contour label color for fill plots
 -cofm color  Map color for fill plots
 -cofg color  Grid color for fill plots
 -de device   Device type and params
 -ge geometry Window geometry
 -ti title    Window title
 -ic          Specify window icon mode
 -bg color    Background color
 -iv          Inverse colors
 -lo logo     Logo overlay
Positional options...
 filenames... Filenames

The help listing is very brief and often does not give possible values for each of the resources. To get a full option list, you must refer to the program reference for each program.

Last updated September 1, 2011