Resource Reference

Resource: hour

Resource hour
Overview Specifies the exact hour that a data file is valid for.
Command Line -ho=hour
Environment Variable wxphour
Possible Values
Default Value none

The hour resource is used to narrow the search for current data files.  In order to look at the latest 12Z data and don't want to type in the full filename.  It is difficult to figure out the hour offset to put in the current resource. The hour resource solves this problem by allowing the user to specify the exact hour to use:

   -cu=la -ho=12

will give you the latest 12Z datafile. The hour resource can be used to specify specific days with the syntax "ddhh".  For example, to use the 20Z file on the 14th, specify "-cu=la -ho=1420". 

 The full syntax is:


As with the current resource, the parts of the time can be omitted.  

Negative Hour

The negative hour values have special meaning.  Specifying a positive hour gives only that hour but at times, it is necessary to look at files on specific hour boundaries.   For example synoptic data which comes in once every 6 hours. To get the latest synoptic data, specify:

   -cu=la -ho=-6

which would yield 12 at 14Z and 00 at 4Z.  This can be taken one step farther with an offset.  If the first hour after a 12 hour boundary is needed (01 or 13), use the offset "-oohh".  The offset "oo" is added to the hour after it is rounded to the nearest boundary. For example, "-cu=la -ho=-106" would yield 13 at 15Z, 19 at 20Z, etc.

Last updated July 30, 1998