Resource Reference

Resource: image_path

Resource image_path
Overview Specifies location of output image files (.gif/,png) from WXP.
Command Line -ip=path
Environment Variable wxpipath
Possible Values
Default Value the current directory

The image_path resource can be used to specifies a directory to save GIF and XWD images created by WXP graphics programs. When you specify to generate an image file with <Meta>g or "-pp=gif:filename.gif", the image path is prepended to the filename. Images can also be dumped using the resrc:out_file resource with "gif:filename.gif" again using the image path.  File name tags and wildcards can also be specified. The file name convention wildcard is %I.

NOTE: In most cases, the user will be unable to write to the WXP image directory so it is recommended to set this to "~/image" so that the image files go into the user's image directory.

Last updated October 2013