Resource Reference

Resource: log_file

Resource log_file
Overview Specifies the name of the log file.
Command Line -lf=filename
Environment Variable wxplog
Possible Values
Default Value program dependent

The log file is where the ingest program records all its essential information. Since the ingestor is often run in the background, this allows general information and errors to be saved for future viewing.

This resource specifies the name of the log file. This defaults to "ingest.log" but often is set to a unique filename based on the ingest type such as "ddplus.log". If a relative filename is given, the value of the file_path resource is prepended to the filename.

All entries in the log file are time stamped.  Here is a sample:

97 JAN 6  05:27:50Z : Starting ingest on: /dev/tty3
97 JAN 6  05:27:50Z : Setting up com port: 19200 baud
97 JAN 6  05:30:45Z : CRC Checksum Error: YUQE15 KWBC 060000
97 JAN 6  05:33:52Z : CRC Checksum Error: HTPF70 KWBC 060000
97 JAN 6  05:35:07Z : CRC Checksum Error: HTKF20 KWBC 060000

The log file name can contain name convention wildcard characters such as "/usr/wxp/logs/noaa-%m%d.log" where the %m and %d are replaced with the month and day so that log files are generated for each day the ingestor is running.

Last updated October 2013