Resource Reference

Resource: model

Resource model
Overview Sets the input forecast model
Command Line -mo=model
Environment Variable wxpmodel
Possible Values
Default Value None

This resource specifies the forecast model to use with the program. The model name specified is first looked up in the model.lup file to cross-reference the name to a list of files. If more than one file type is listed, the grids are pieced together to form a composite grid. If the name is not listed in the model lookup file, the file name convention is based on the following preset model types:

Model Type Name Convention Tag
ETA grib_eta
NGM grib_ngm
AVN grib_avn
MRF grib_mrf
RUC grib_ruc
ECMWF grib_ecmwf
Sig Wind Wave grib_sww
SST grib_sst
type grib_type

Last updated October 2013