Resource Reference

Resource: parameter

Resource parameter
Overview Specifies addition parameters to program.
Command Line -pa=param[,param...]
Environment Variable wxpparam
Possible Values
Default Value none

The parameter resource is used to specify various program parameters that don't really fall into any of the standard resources.  It covers miscellaneous resources.  Often, several parameters need to be specified and these are listed separated by commas.

Common Parameters

Heat index - program: heat

Message queues - program: loopset, dataset

Radar decoding - program: radcvt

Raw math - program: rawmath

Surface decoding - program: sacvt

Synoptic decoding - program: smcvt

Text data parsing - program: parse

Surface data parsing - program: sa_parse

SHEF processing - program: shefcvt

GRIB querying - program: griblook

Wind chill - program: wchill

Last updated July 30, 1998