Resource Reference

Resource: product

Resource product
Overview Specifies a WMO header for parsing data
Command Line -ph=product
Environment Variable wxpproduct
Possible Values
Default Value None

The product resource is used to specify product headers for parsing. These are generally WMO header format. The header can have wildcard characters to parse for multiple product types:

Product Pattern Matching
. or ? match a single character
- or * match any character
[letters] match a single character from the set.
[^letters] match any character except those from the set.
(str1[|str2...]) match strings
_ underscore matches a space.
/secondline second line parsing

Second line parsing is also possible. For many products, the second line of the product is the AWIPS header:

   ** FPUS1 KIND 022030 ***

which is this case is "SFPIN". To parse for this, specify "/SFPIN"

If "all" is specified, all bulletins are searched.

Last updated November 2013