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Information Programs

File Name Information Program

The wxpfile program is used to determine information on various files. This program has several modes that is helpful for loops and overlays as well as general information. This program has several modes:

   3 day MRF valid 12Z 15 DEC 97
   18 hour NGM valid 6Z 13 DEC 97
   WXP analysis for 12Z 12 DEC 97

This combined with mapplt can be used to annotate images where the text labeling has been turned off.

Resource Determination Program

Another handy program is wxpdef that can be used to inquire resources saved in the resource file. This can be used if the values for a particular program name are not known or if values from a different program name are needed. For example:

wxpdef .data_path 

Also this may be used to get resource values not normally used by WXP but set in the file. For example, the resource file may contain an image_path resource that specifies location of GIF files.  The wxpdef program may inquire these values.

City Name Determination Program

This program called wxpcity is useful for getting information about cities, counties, forecast zones and states.   The input files to wxpcity are WXP raw files and thus can be plotted with mapplt.  Individual columns from the file can be obtained.  The information saved in these files include:

wxpcity Indianapolis
Indianapolis 39.73 -86.27 KIND 72438 IN 097 047 KIND KIND KIND KIND 53 63 73 -5N

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Last updated by Dan Vietor on June 8, 1998

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