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Each WXP program will produce various types of textual output. The bulk of this is informative in terms of menus, prompts and messages describing the processing of data and what is going on behind the scenes. The output is then prioritized by message level. The major levels are as follows:

Each program will list what is printed under each level in the Program Reference.

Setting the message resource

By using the message resource, you can selectively turn on and off various types of output. The first form just specifies a message level:


This will enable the level out1 (and all of its sublevels) plus all levels of higher priority (including print, error, warn, mess).

WXP also allows you to selectively turn levels on and off:


This will still default to out2 so all higher priority levels will be included but you will also print out all messages with either out3 or out4 priorities. To print just those levels, you need to turn off all printing first:


This way you can be highly selective.

Last updated June 13, 2020

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