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Miscellaneous Analysis

Map and Raw File Plotting

The map plotting program called mapplt can be used for five purposes:

mapplt -pd=ll,23.10,-63.60,25,17,2.76,2.76 track.raw-ID:ll:co=black \
   track.raw-LINE:mk=plus:co=black track.raw-LINE:wi=3 -de-d
track.gif (12788 bytes)

Raw Data Gridding and Contouring

A program is provided to grid and contour data from raw data files called grid. Raw data files can be generated by non-WXP programs or by any of the plotting programs such as sfcwx, upairwx and fouswx. This allows data to be manipulated prior to the gridding process such as with the rawmath program. The grid program will take raw data, fit it to a grid and then contour it as all other gridding and contouring programs do. The resulting grid can be saved to a file for future use.

Contour Existing Grids

The contour program is provided to contour existing grids. This includes grids generated by sfccalc, upcalc, focalc, grid and grbcalc as well as the model GRIB files.  This program also uses a file name extension to extract a specific grid from a multiple grid file.

Wind Vector Display from Existing Grids

The vector program is provided to display vector plots given two existing grids (U and V components). This program will work just as well with non-wind data such as gradients of a particular variable as it will with wind components but is generally used for displaying wind vectors. The program will prompt the user for two grid files and then will draw the vectors.

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