Program Reference




rcmdec - RCM radar data conversion program


rcmdec [parameters...] filename


Command Line Resource Default Description
-h help No Lists basic help information.
-df=filename default wxp.cfg Sets the name of the resource file.
-na=name name the program name Specifies the name used in resource file parsing.
-me=level message out2 Specifies level of messages to be displayed
  • file information - mess
  • decoded output -out3a
  • MDR information and status - out3c
  • not in database - out3c
  • primary MDR information - out4a
  • echo data - out4c
-fp=path file_path the current directory Specifies location of database files.
-dp=path data_path the current directory Specifies the location of the input raw data files.
-cp=path con_path the current directory Specifies location of decoded/converted data files
-nc=name_conv name_conv name.cnv or name_conv file This sets which name convention file to use.
-if=in_file in_file rcm_dat Specifies the input file name tag.
-of=out_file out_file rcm_cvt Specifies the output file name tag.
-ou=output output program specific Specifies the output of the program.
-cf=filename city_file rad.cty Specifies the name of the city database file
-cu=[hour] current none This specifies to use current data files.
-ho=hour hour none Specifies the exact hour that a data file is valid for.
-pa=param[,param...] parameter none Specifies addition parameters to program.
filename (positional) filename none Specify input filename


This program decodes RCM (Radar Coded Message) data for plotting with the prog:radplot program. It will create a radar mosaic and save site attribute data. The RCM report is decoded into the following information:

The echo data is compiled into a radar summary on a 440x360 grid (4 times the MDR grid size) and saved to the output file. The additional decode storm attribute information is appended to the end of the converted file so that radplot can annotate the plot with the storm attribute data.

NOTE: rcmdec must be run before any radar plotting can be performed..




Last updated October 2013