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uparaw - Upper air data to raw file


uparaw [parameters...] filename


Command Line Resource Default Description
-h help No Lists basic help information.
-df=filename default wxp.cfg Sets the name of the resource file.
-na=name name the program name Specifies the name used in resource file parsing.
-me=level message out2 Specifies level of messages to be displayed
-fp=path file_path the current directory Specifies location of database files.
-dp=path data_path the current directory Specifies the location of the input raw data files.
-cp=path con_path the current directory Specifies location of decoded/converted data files
-rp=path raw_path the current directory Specifies location of output raw files generated by WXP.
-nc=name_conv name_conv name.cnv or name_conv file This sets which name convention file to use.
-if=in_file in_file program specific Specifies the input file name tag.
-of=out_file out_file program specific Specifies the output file name tag.
-cf=filename city_file upa.cty Specifies the name of the city database file
-cu=[hour] current none This specifies to use current data files.
-ho=hour hour none Specifies the exact hour that a data file is valid for.
-id=ident[,ident...] identifier None Specifies a station identifier to plot or parse for
-pd=domain plot_domain program dependent, mostly "us" Sets the plotting domain
-va=variable variable none Sets the parameter/variable to be displayed
-fm=format format None Specifies the output format of data.
-pa=param[,param...] parameter none Specifies addition parameters to program.
filename (positional) filename none Specify input filename


This program converts upper air data to a raw file.


   grid -re=mw -pl=cf -in=2 -de=d temp.raw   

This produces a color fill contour plot of temperature for the midwest region at an interval of 2.

   grid -cu=la -re=mw -of=temp.grd -pl=none temp.raw

This will generate grid file temp.grd.




Last updated November 2013