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Resource Basics

Each WXP program has a set of internal resources that can be set to tailor the execution of the program. Each resources has a default value or action hardcoded into the program. This allows the program to be run without any parameters if desired. WXP version 5 allowed many of the resources to be left up to the user at run-time prompting for values if not given on the command line. But in WXP version 6, it was decided that this interactive setup would be removed to simplify setup and command line specifications. The resources can be set via the command line, environment variables or the resource/defaults file.

Typical Resources

WXP has over 50 resources available. Each resource has a resource name and a value which can either be a number, string or a list of values separated by commas. Here is a list of resources used in WXP and a brief explanation of what information they contain:

Resource File

Database Resource

File Resources

Path Resources

There are a set of path resources which can be used in conjunction with the name convention to tell WXP which directory the data files are located.

Data Analysis Parameters

Database Parameters

Plotting Parameters

Attribute/Color Parameters

Device/Window Parameters

Miscellaneous Parameters

Updated January 2021

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